Spring Break Training

Every year, the team coordinates a training trip over Spring Break. This incredibly fun trip consists of five full days of sailing and team bonding in the evenings. We focus on everything from boat handling to team racing. This trip is a great way to solidify skills for sailors of all levels, as we aim to cater to different developmental areas. Training has previously taken place at the Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Photo by Hannah Lee Noll

Skipper & Crew Development

Spring Break is five full days of intense sailing. This week is an opportunity for sailors of any experience level to learn new skills and to improve what they already know. The long days out on the water are necessary to develop our sailors to be competitive at the national level. 



Over Spring Break we hire a full time coach that gives each sailor individualized training. We have the chance to ask questions, receive feedback, and hear some of our coach's sailing stories. This year we were lucky to have coach Sean Ross train the team. 

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team bonding

When we are not sailing, the team gets to know each other better through team bonding activities. Together we make team dinners, go to the beach, and even the car rides to and from practice are filled with laughs and good times. The week is a nice time to grow closer with the other people on the team.