Regatta Report: Cornell Women's, Harvard Coed Showcase, and Morton Schapiro Trophy



Cornell Women’s: Susan Rogers ‘75 Memorial

  • A Fleet:

    • Jenna Probst (‘22)- Skipper

    • Claire Foley (‘20)- Crew

  • B Fleet:

    • Ambi Agrawal (‘20)- Skipper

    • Lily Sylvester (‘20)- Crew

Harvard Coed Showcase

  • A Fleet:

    • Connor Goulet (‘21)- Skipper

    • Anna Wisotskey (‘19)- Crew

  • B Fleet:

    • Will Neubauer (‘20)- Skipper

    • Sarah Silvestri (‘19)- Crew

Morton Schapiro Trophy: Northwestern

N. Daniel (‘21) & B. Doyle (‘22)

N. Daniel (‘21) & B. Doyle (‘22)

  • A Fleet: Wolverines 1

    • Sam Ephraim (‘21)- Skipper

    • Harrison Russell (‘21)- Crew

  • B Fleet: Wolverines 1

    • Nick Daniel (‘21)- Skipper

    • Brendan Doyle (‘22)- Crew

  • A Fleet: Wolverines 2

    • Raymond Cracchiolo (‘20)- Skipper

    • Henry Wolle (‘22)- Crew

  • B Fleet: Wolverines 2

    • Jack Webb (‘22)- Skipper

    • David Song (‘22)- Crew


This weekend, 6-7 October, the Michigan sailing team attended three dinghy regattas at various schools across the country. Four sailors from the women’s team sailed at the Susan Rogers ‘75 Memorial at Cornell University, members of the coed team sailed at Harvard at the first Coed Showcase event, and eight of our new sailors traveled to Northwestern University for the Morton Schapiro Trophy.

At Cornell, thunderstorms delayed the 9:30am start time by two hours. The sailors went back out to sail on flat water in moderate breeze. Twelve races were completed by the finish of the first day, and three more races were sailed on Sunday. J. Probst (‘22) and C. Foley (‘20) finished fifth overall and fourth in A Division.

The Harvard Coed Showcase is the first of two showcase events for the winners of the coed national qualifying regattas held in the spring of 2018. On Saturday, races began in wind that built from 3-5 knots. Race 7 was called off due to a lack of wind, ending the day. On Sunday, the wind ranged from 2-6 knots. The sailors were able to complete three more races before the wind died out, ending the regatta.

Morton Schapiro Trophy was hosted by Northwestern and featured fourteen boats in each division from ten different schools across the MCSA. On both days, the wind was blowing about 17 knots and there were 3-4 foot waves that formed on Lake Michigan.

Written by: S. Youtt (‘21)