Before your First Practice

  1. Fill out the Financial Commitment Form

  2. Fill out the Participation Agreement

  3. Agree to our Concussion Policy

  4. Come to our Freshman Focused Practice on 9/13. Sign up here!

  5. Fill out the Practice Availability Form to get officially assigned to a weekly Carpool

  6. Read the Rigging Guide to know how we treat our sails and boats (don't worry we'll tell you again in person but it's nice if you already know!)

  7. If you are eager to learn, check out the Educational Resources that are available. If you have never sailed before check out the Sailing Basics and Crew Guide.

Before your First Regatta

  1. Do an MVR Check

  2. Register as a ICSA sailor on techscore

  3. Accept your Maize Pages Invite (received over email)

  4. Read your Regatta Packet (received over email)

Before the End of the First Year

  1. Buy $30 worth of apparel (through Murphy Vandervest for a team member discount!)

  2. Attend High Impact Training (contact Maggie Carroll for more information)