Interested in the team? Let us know!

There are a few ways that you can contact the Michigan Sailing Team:

1. Contact our Communications Chair, Jenna Probst, at

2. Contact our Executive Board at

Please reach out to get information about the team. Ask us any questions you would like and if you would like, set up a time to meet with a current member.

The Sailing Team welcomes sailors from all difference skill levels. We have members who have never sailed before, and members who have sailed their whole lives! We encourage all interested to contact us learn more about the team, and get involved at our practices and social/recruiting events.

If you have some time, you can check out our current student guide to joining the team. Keep in mind that this guide is directed at current students but it could answer some questions you may have about the team. Please only fill out official forms if you are a current student.


High School Sailors

A lot of our current sailors came to us from high school teams across Michigan, and throughout the country. If you are looking to to apply to the University of Michigan and join the Michigan Sailing Team, please fill out this form: High School Recruit Form